Know the Proper Dosage Intake for HGH

Though popularly known as the Fountain of Youth, the use of HGH should be proceeded with caution to generate the desired impact on the body. While several versions of this component are available in the market, most athletes and bodybuilders tend to use the injectable form for higher gains. The injectable version can either be taken intramuscularly or intravenously according to the desired results from its use. The bioavailability of the subcutaneous form is higher than the intramuscular form.

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Therefore, individual dosage level will vary depending on your age and sex and predetermined goals. For traditional therapy, the average dosage ranges from 1iu to 3iu daily depending on the severity of the situation and the gender of the user. For males, the dosage will vary in between 2iu to 4iu per day whereas, for females, the dosage will range between 1iu to 2iu per day. This dosage has greatly helped the bodybuilders to enhance their performance without having side-effects. The dosage in the extreme case varies in between Six iu to Eight iu where the cycles consist of not more than 16 weeks.

Effects of HGH on the body

Most people misunderstand HGH to be a medicine that is prescribed to treat a certain medical condition and is, therefore, most concerned with the dosage intake. This myth stems from the belief of many users that HGH is a super-vitamin that is consumed for physical gains as opposed to real drugs. However, it should be known that deficiency in Human Growth hormone can lead to various physical complications like cardiovascular issues, increased cholesterol levels, osteoporosis and brittle bones and mental issues like depression, fatigue, memory loss and much more. The administration of growth hormone is known to maintain the normal levels of a hormone in the body, thereby mitigating the possible occurrence of such complications.

Therefore, those who are eager to know the appropriate dosage intake should consult a professional health-care practitioner as it is quite difficult to estimate the effects that an imbalance of hormone can cause on the system of any individual. While males tend to face such hormonal imbalance issues only up to puberty stage female counterparts experience longer changes in such hormonal complications ranging from puberty until menopause on a constant basis with menstruation. Such occurrence can change both physiological and psychological functions of the body during which HGH products needs to be administered on a case to case basis.

Precautions during overdosage

While most users desire to generate the maximum possible results from the use of growth hormone supplements like HGH, there are a few unpleasant symptoms in case the dosage intake is exceeded beyond the recommended level. The first and most common symptom is the build-up of pressure on the nerves leading to narrowing of vision. Besides, your joints might also swell up and aching. In the long run, overdosing might lead to diabetes. So it is important to make sure that you take the dosage as recommended by your healthcare expert or doctor depending on your age and sex as intake of reasonable dosage is absolutely safe.

The Ultimate Diet Plan For The Ultimate Fitness Freak

Hey you! Yes you, the fitness freak! Have you been wondering where that perfect diet has been all your life? If yes, this is the right time to get to know a new diet plan. It is time to discard all those old plans that never worked for you and try out the best. After all, you deserve nothing but the best for yourself after having worked so hard to lose that flab.

Get that beach bod

You may have never expected that following a ketogenic diet along with your favorite performance boosters will help you lose weight while letting you keep those muscles, right? That is what you would get with this new formula. Did you know that this nutrition plan has a low Glycemic Index that would banish all that unwanted fat from your body?Losing one’s weight can be a major challenge for some people considering that the other factors in that person’s life play a role in the same. However, your fitness goals can be easily achieved by following this method, where you consume certain foods along with your favorite health boosters. After that, nothing can stop you from getting that much sought after beach bod.

Don’t freak out

Some performance enhancers have also been designed for those, who intend to go on special diet plans. They give you an edge over others. However, do not freak out at the thought of consuming the same because you can always cycle and stack them with the others if you like and they will still not affect you unless and until you over-consume them. After all, nothing is worse than taking in too much of anything when you possibly know very well that they will have side effects that could even be fatal. Also, never take a chance with anything that you do not know much about. Take advantage of the benefits they have to offer you but do not abuse them, especially since the side effects can be extremely severe.

Heavy duty news

Did you know that following a ketogenic diet while consuming your favorite health boosters will help you store away those fat cells that contain glucose, which could be used to help you work out better later on? You will find that you are more energetic and have more stamina to perform all the activities to help you move faster toward your fitness goals at your gym. You can become the Alpha male or female that you have always wanted to be. Again, you would need to remember not to take in too much of the muscle boosters since the side effects could be severe or even fatal at times. Thankfully, as this diet plan does not allow an increase in insulin levels, it helps in losing weight much faster than any other method. You can even measure the fat levels in your body when you follow this new nutrition plan and find that you have lost quite a lot of weight. Now, isn’t that some heavy duty news?

Elektra Art.S1C Microcasa A Leva Espresso Machine Review

The good: It is one of the most premium ranges in espresso machines which have been lately introduced in the market and comprises of almost all the latest features. So, if you have this machine installed at your place, you can be sure of having the best coffee without having to waste much time waiting for it. This espresso machine can also be termed as high end performance machine, which grinds the coffee well and ensures to give its users the perfect and appropriate taste of coffee.

The bad: While purchasing this machine is one of the deals to make, but it is quite expensive and often out of the range of many individuals. Hence for people who are looking forth for options that are available within USD 1000, then this machine is not appropriate for them.


The bottom line: The machine available in the market with a long list of features has undoubtedly made it one of the most feasible options to choose in the market. even though the machine is overpriced, but believe me it is worth every penny and gives users complete chance of enjoying the best coffee at home, with friends, family or special ones.

Elektra Art.S1C Microcasa A Leva Espresso Machine Review

It is one of the most durable espresso machines which can be relied on for its quality and use of durable brass boiler. This provides exceptionally dry system which can be used effectively for creating foam. The machine is quite compact size, thus facilitating users to easily place the machine on the countertop without having to make many adjustments in the kitchen. Moreover the exteriors of the machine are so amazing, that it complements your décor and fits in perfectly to your place.

Brewing of the machine is completely outstanding and has a professional touch when one is willing to have short shots. It is even possible to have longer shots and this can be simply done with the use of double pull of the lever. This machine thus enables you to make your own coffee which can suit your taste and give you an amazing taste and experience.

However this machine is not right for users who are inexperienced about barista coffees. While using this machine they will have to master on all the skills of using the machine and maintaining an adequate temperature which might not be possible for everyone to do. Thus people should give due consideration to this fact and then take the decision of purchasing the machine. So, it does not matter if you are an amateur or an experienced person in preparing coffee, you can give a try to it and thus enjoy having coffee. Once it has been installed, 3-5 shots are max in a day that will be served to make your day refreshing.

Features of Elektra Art.S1C Microcasa A Leva Espresso Machine

  • It has a large round base with 10” diameter which ensures to give the espresso machine a complete base to remain steady during use.
  • The machine is quite compact in nature and thus can be conveniently installed on the counter top of kitchen without the need to making many adjustments. Moreover the amazing looks make it look complementary to the modern texture and look of a home.
  • The sight glass on the machine displays the water level.
  • The pressure gauge installed shows the steam pressure in boiler and while the needle goes to green zone it indicates that it is the right time extract espresso out of the machine.
  • Assembly is the attachment of steam wand.
  • The boiler pressure relief installed on the top of boiler ensures safety of using the machine.
  • The chrome finish and bakelite handles are some of the most attractive parts of the machine which tempts the user to buy this machine in comparison to other products available in the market.

Final Verdict

The above mentioned facts very well clarifies that this espresso machine is probably the best choice in the market, which surpasses other machines in terms of quality, pricing and coffee produced by it. Thus it is a must buy for all those coffee lovers who prefers quality of coffee over and above any other thing.