Visiting an Engineering Institute’s Campus Important

Engineering is one of the most prestigious and popular undergraduate professional course not only in Indi abut across the globe as well.  This much sought after degree not only offers you good financial stability and enhanced social status; it also guarantees smooth career progression. However, it is imperative to remind all engineering aspirants that despite the huge popularity of engineering and high demand for qualified engineering professionals in the marketplace, it is only worth pursuing if you manage to obtain admission in top 10 engineering colleges in Lucknow if you are interested in studying in this fast growing city known for its culture and educational excellence.

Engineering degree lucknow

Pursuing engineering from an inferior engineering institute is nothing more than a terrible waste of your time and money. An engineering degree from second string institutes does not command much prestige in the market and you will be hard pressed to find a decent job after the completion of your engineering course. You will agree that it makes little sense to study engineering and waste so much time and money if the return on investment (ROI) is nothing much to write home about. An engineering degree as such from an inferior engineering institute can do little or nothing to advance your career aspirations.

Special emphasis by different governments across the globe and large corporations to move ahead in the technology race has added further lustre to an engineering profession. Engineers with their logical thinking capabilities and devising out of box solutions are prised assets who can help governments create knowledge based economy and organizations gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Some of the important factors that can help you gauge the quality level of an institute and subsequently help you in seeking   B Tech admission in Lucknow  in an engineering institute known for its academic excellence and placement opportunities are as following:

Pay a personal visit to an institute

It would of course not be feasible for you or that matter any engineering aspirant to personally visit the campus of each and every engineering institute he or she thinks offers good quality education. The best forward as such is to make a list of quality engineering schools and keep the list to a manageable extent. This way you can visit the campuses of at least five to six engineering institutes and personally interact with the students and faculty members.

Visiting the institute’s campus in fact is the best way to gather relevant and meaningful information about a college or an institute. You can gather first-hand information about the college, its infrastructure and the facilities it offers. You can interact with the students to gauge their opinion about the institute. Moreover a visit to a college or a university campus gives you first hand feel of the ambience there. It is very important as it will help you understand whether you can fruitfully spend next four to five years of your life there or not.

Another good option is to visit the website of an engineering school to find relevant information about it. Well-established institutes have high quality websites which offer meaningful information in a cogent and coherent way. You can co0llect all the relevant details in real quick time sitting in the comfort of your own home.

What is Improving Service Delivery with Kanban Course?

Kanban is a way or method to quickly alter the working environment or management that functions with the ideas of minimal resistance. This method helps to encounter the process issues and workflow issues immediately, so that, the output of the process would not be delayed anymore. The duration of the improving service delivery with Kanban method certification course will vary according to the institutes and requirements of the candidates. Some candidates would like to finish up the course soon at the earliest and that kind of candidates would like to choose the institute that offers fast track course.

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What the course is about?

The improving service delivery with Kanban method course Bristol is completely designed with the guidelines and principles ofKanban. By doing this course, the service delivery of the project will be enhanced. All the methods, principles, adoption of Kanban ideas to the project and several other sections will be taught to the candidates taking part in the course. Additionally, full-scale simulation, risk management, identifying errors and disturbances in the workflow will also be taught to the participants of the course. The course further covers the following sections,

  • History, values, overview and principles of Kanban method
  • Kanban system design
  • Meetings in Kanban
  • Full-scale simulation
  • Ticket design
  • Board design
  • Making policies openly
  • Risk management
  • Classes of services
  • Analysis of system capacity and system demand
  • Little’s law
  • Lead time distribution chart
  • Control chart
  • Cumulative flow diagram

Who can do the Course?

Only the following candidates are recommended to do this course,

  • IT directors
  • IT professionals
  • Professionals that are in-charge for project management, process optimization and business performance
  • Departmental heads in IT industry
  • Team leaders
  • Technical managers
  • Project leaders
  • Professional engineers
  • And persons that are passionate to know something about Kanban method
  • Scrum masters that would like to assist their team to proceed further

This course is actually designed for the following people:

  • That have already work with theKanban system and would like to know the latest advancements of Kanban method to enhance their system
  • That would like to begin working with Kanban method
  • That looks for support to learn more about the Kanban method

The benefits of learning the course

Once after the course is done, the participants will be able to:

  • Construct a useful and reliable plan for the Kanban method
  • Easily encounter the external and internal disturbances of the process
  • Effectively encounter service classes
  • Analyze the need and ability of the system
  • Finalize the frequency of the meetings and events
  • Construct Kanban system
  • Stimulate workflow

Course Certification and Fee

The course fee will vary according to the institutes that you choose to learn the course from. The course certification will be provided to the candidates after the course is done. For certification, some centers will ask you to write an examination after the completion of the course.

All You Need To Know About An Online MBA in Marketing

An MBA in marketing grad is hired for promoting a brand, driving sales, and connecting with consumers. It’s one of the most sought-after postgraduate degrees because every company, however big or small, is on the lookout for employees who can build their brand. If you have been thinking of pursuing an MBA, then choosing marketing as your area of specialisation will open up various job opportunities for you.

However, with skyrocketing college fees, it might be difficult for you to take up an MBA in marketing course as a full-time student. This is where an online course for the same will help you out. Let’s find out what this course is all about.

What Will I Learn From This Course?

An online MBA marketing course will help you form a deep understanding of subjects like consumer behaviour, latest marketing and sales strategies, brand and product management, and promotional campaigns. You can also choose electives that will further enhance your knowledge of marketing.

Why Should I Pursue An MBA In Marketing?

An MBA in marketing will give your career the leverage it needs. Marketing grads get the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies and top-notch MNCs. Gradually, you will be able to advance to senior positions, get an impressive pay, and widen your job prospects. What’s more, marketing specialists are often required to go on business trips to different cities and countries, which means you’ll get the chance to travel and work together.

What Will My Job Profile Be?

You’ll be responsible for bringing in business for an organisation by interacting with consumers and clients. Your main role will be to develop your organisation’s brand and establish its name in the local and global market. You might even have to conduct surveys and interact with consumers to understand the reach and popularity of your company.

Why Should I Do An Online MBA In Marketing?

The biggest advantage of going for online MBA courses is that you’ll be able to study and work together. For instance, if you have just graduated with a bachelor’s degree, you can take up a job and build your experience. While you’re at it, you can pursue an online study of marketing. By the end of the MBA, you’ll have both working experience and a postgraduate degree.

An online MBA in marketing will allow you to associate with a brand and be the driving force behind it. It’ll give you a deep insight into consumer behaviour and brand management, and also increase your job prospects.

How to get in to the best Medical School in India

It is a fantasy of numerous students to end up a specialist. Regardless of being a standout amongst the most widely recognized callings of the world there are a great many individuals around the world who might want to get a medicinal specialist or MD degree. While there are numerous students, who need to end up a specialist, not everyone finds the opportunity to end up one.

Longing for turn into a specialist? Well then before you can get those initials before your name you have to get into a Medical school. It is an important choice that you are taking similarly as your profession is concerned. Presently the inquiry emerges like how to get into a therapeutic school? There are bunches of Medical schools accessible in the nation, which one to pick among them? Well as the case might be the response to this decision lies well with you. On the off chance that you have to get into the most prestigious and first class medical schools in the state then you need to have high scores in your Medical placement tests that has been led.

To split those medicinal exams you should be splendid and ought to have arranged well ahead. The greater part of the top of the line organizations for the most part lead their own passageway tests or generally select students taking into account the scores that they have scored in the placement test directed by the state. General it is all around in view of the legitimacy that students are permitted admissions to the most prestigious medicinal institutions. So nothing not exactly a high rate of imprints will guarantee you a restorative seat. So now the inquiry emerges with reference to consider the possibility that you are not ready to get the top evaluations in the Medical selection tests. Tragically on the off chance that you have not possessed the capacity to get admissions to the top foundations don’t lose hope.

Don’t ever get debilitated that it is the end of your dream. There is still trust. There are such a large number of medicinal organizations which come beneath the rating of the most prestigious ones that will be prepared to retain students in view of the cut-off percentage. Don’t ever feel that these restorative foundations are mediocre compared to the top ones. Not at all. In different words they are likewise similarly great yet the main contrast will be in their expense structure and the offices that they offer may be not exactly the most prestigious ones.

Also surf through the net to get more data about the colleges and therapeutic organizations to make a note of the offices they offer and their affirmation methods required alongside the expense structure. This way you will get a smart thought of how to turn your greatest dream swung to a reality.

Centrality of Having the Right Course Material for Exam/Entrance Preparations

Whether you are planning for a passage or AIPMT examination, having entry to the right sort of books can have all the effect. Pretty much as one shoe size can’t fit each of the; an obsolete book can’t suffice to take into account the requirements of a dynamic educational programs. While individuals may recommend that the books from maybe 2007 can be utilized to plan for an AIPMT selection test in 2016, it doesn’t remain constant, pretty much as you would not drink a jar of juice that was implied for utilization. In both cases the material has terminated, keeping in mind one would affect sly affect your wellbeing, the other would have an unbiased, if not negative, impact on your arrangements. Practicing with the help of old papers and aipmt answer sheet will help in better understanding of exam pattern and the result come effectively.

‘Too far’ is an outdated excuse

The evolution of education is reflective of how people have changed over the years. In the days of India’sancients, a select few children would leave their homes when they became ‘of age’, and spend years in gurukuls where they would learn sciences, governance, and moral lessons. In other parts of the world, any ‘respectable’ young boy or girl had to have a governess who would stay with them and oversee their education. Today, education is for everyone. People have begun to understand its importance, and people want to get its numerous benefits.

When distance becomes a hurdle

No one wants to settle for anything substandard when you can get quality services. Life doesn’t always play into our hands, though, and there are millions who want to pursue different courses after college but have let their education take a back seat due to their circumstances. The newest revolution is the one of distance education. This is a truly great initiative that very few quality institutions like Pondicherry University have taken. It has helped millions fulfill their dreams and has taken them ‘the distance’.

Why a distance MBA?

One of the most popular courses that have immense value is the classic MBA. A distance MBA or online MBA course is recognized for its true value by all professionals and graduates. With the internet having become omnipresent, a good understanding of how digital markets work, and online marketing and management have become skills which are in demand. Now, these skills can be learnt right at your doorstep, even on your own computer screen. Distance MBA does away with all possible difficulties you may face with pursuing an MBA while at the same time preparing you for a world of working professionals and tough businesses. What could be better than having access to quality courses and study material from the comfort of your own home?

The course works towards giving its students all-round skills in various aspects, like the foundations of business administration, core fundamentals including legal aspects, and functional aspects of marketing and business, leading up to specializing electives where you can concentrate on your interests. The distance MBA course has many fusional subjects as well.

The corporate world is always in need of fresh managers who have a thorough understanding of new age businesses and how the modern market works. This is where students who do online MBA courses enter the picture. It is never too late to study, and since there is no place like home, there can be no better course than a distance MBA program.

6 JEE Mistakes That Will Cost You Dear

It is quite obvious that a huge number of students wish to develop their career in the field of engineering. Their utmost desire is to make good rank in JEE. As soon as they have the JEE 2015 completed, these aspirants start looking for JEE advanced analysis 2015 in a number of websites. Many of them are too curious to know their predicted rank in this exam with the use of JEE advanced rank predictor. But, the most important fact is that everyone needs to avoid some silly mistakes accomplished during the preparation of this vital examination. This article will help you in learning six common mistakes done by JEE aspirants.

  1. Going Forward without Knowing the Basic Concept

The basic concept of a topic has to be cleared out first. This is the best way of mastering any specific topic. It is forbidden to jump into tougher part of a topic without clearing out its basic concept. Otherwise, you would not be successful in scoring well in JEE Advanced. You should get into tougher topic after clearing out the basic concept in detail.

  1. Managing time Properly

Time management is one of the essential aspects that should be taken care of. Most of the students attend numerous coaching classes but forget to give time in self study which is very important while taking preparation for JEE Mains. Self study would help you in learning your capabilities and strengths. You have to give time in making your own notes which would help you extensively in acquiring good ranking in the entrance examination.

  1. Paying Less Concentration in Study

There are so many students who continue study for half of the entire day but failed to make good score. On the other hand, some of the students can be found out who use to read for 6-8 hours within a day but become successful in scoring well. The reason is lack of concentration. You need to be very attentive while preparing for exams which prefers quality than quantity.

  1. Showing Less Interest in School Lectures

Some students often look for the JEE Advanced announcements in the official website of JEE but forget pay cent percent importance on the school lectures. It is essential to pay full attention not only in the schools but also in the coaching classes. Your personal mentor should be given first priority. Most importantly, the classes of both XI and XII ought to be attended regularly.

  1. Taking Mistakes Trivially 

Are you considering your mistakes very lightly? If yes, you need to change this mentality now. It is true that making mistakes is one of the common habits of human being. But, it is also essential to learn from these mistakes, otherwise mistakes would be continued for ever. Besides searching JEE Mains latest news, it is vital to research the reason of committing mistakes.

  1. Not Doing Studies on a Regular Basis  

If you believe in the tips of last minute preparation, you would make the biggest blunder. Every JEE aspirant has to maintain regular study after filling up JEE advanced application form 2016. You have to study for 4-5 hours a day regularly. A single day skipping in study would be dangerous in making good score in the exam.

At the conclusion, it is essential to point out that every JEE aspirant has to remain focused on his/her preparation. Keep in mind; you should not take additional stress before the commencement of this exam. If you avoid all the above mentioned mistakes, your preparation would become more convenient. Remember, cheating with JEE preparation would definitely mean cheating with your future.

J&K CM bats for quality education, better teaching methods

J&K CM bats for quality education, better teaching methodsSrinagar: Outlining the importance of quality human resource, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on Tuesday said the youth today must get excellent education as it would determine empowerment of nations in the future.

The students must be accustomed to modern methods of teaching to cope with greater challenges ahead in the field of academics, Sayeed added.

“The technology has shrunk world into a global village where competition is becoming tougher by the day. The talent of our youth needs to be channelized properly so as to prepare them for the world of cut throat competition.

“We cannot afford to lag behind…We have to place high priority on upgrading Government schools into institutes of excellence,” he said.

The Chief Minister was addressing congregations after inaugurating three higher secondary schools as Model Schools at Bijbehara, Ranibagh and Brakpore, in Anantnag district of south Kashmir.

While J&K Bank has taken up Bijbehara and Ranibagh schools under Corporate Social Responsibility, the school at Brakpore has been adopted by the Chief Minister under his Constituency Development Fund.

Laying stress on honing soft skills of students, the CM asked the teaching fraternity to encourage spoken English as a universal mode of conversation, which, he said, would be a premium to the curriculum vitae of students when they complete studies and venture for jobs in the ever-expanding market.

“Our students are very intelligent and have the right attitude to adapt to new methods of teaching,” he said.

Sayeed also laid emphasis on building capacities of teachers so that they are better equipped to impart quality education to their students.

“I won’t stop at upgrading a few schools but stress on going horizontal so that all schools are gradually brought under the ambit of the Model School Scheme,” he said, while calling for efforts from civil society to lay special focus on education of girl child.

In her address, Member of Parliament, Mehbooba Mufti, said the government has put focus back on education to achieve excellence, which was lost when the state faced turbulent times in the last two-and-a-half decades.

She urged the teaching fraternity to contribute wholeheartedly in improving standards of education so that our students also get a level-playing field.

“Together we will write new chapters in the education sector,” she said, while stressing on promotion of Kashmiri language as a compulsory part of school curricula.

MBA student to refuse degree from Irani, protests against ‘diminishing freedoms’ in country

MBA student to refuse degree from Irani, protests against 'diminishing freedoms' in countrySrinagar: A young MBA pass out has decided not to accept his degree at the first convocation of Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) in Kashmir from Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani as a protest against “diminishing freedoms” in the country.

“Though, for a student, receiving a master’s degree is no less than any prestigious award. But on October 19, (the Convocation Day) I Sameer Gojwari won’t accept it,” Gojwari, who completed his MBA from the IUST in 2008, wrote on his facebook page.

Gojwari’s post came in response to unconfirmed reports that Irani will be giving out degrees to the pass outs of the IUST at the varsity’s first ever convocation on Monday.

“When India’s writers are returning literary awards to protest diminishing freedoms and 41 writers across the country have given back most prestigious awards; unofficial reports say that Islamic University of Science & Technology on its 1st Convocation have chaired a Minister from Central Ministry #BJP, most likely Mrs Smriti Irani,” he said.

The Union HRD minister is scheduled to lay the foundation stone of Central University Kashmir complex at Ganderbal on Tuesday.

Hurry! Today is last date to register for Joint Admission Test (JAM) 2016

Hurry! Today is last date to register for Joint Admission Test (JAM) 2016New Delhi: Today (Wednesday, October 14) is the last day to register for the Joint Admission Test (JAM) 2016.

The exam is scheduled to take place on February 7, 2016 for admissions to integrated PhD Degree Programmes at IISc Bangalore and MSc (two years), Joint MSc-PhD, MSc-PhD Dual Degree, MSc MTech, and other Post-Bachelor Degree Programmes at IITs.

The candidates who are willing to give the exam should have completed graduation with at least 55 percent marks (50 percent for SC/ST/OBC category candidates).

Those willing shall apply for JAM 2016 through JAM Online Application Processing System (JOAPS).

FYUP rollback not my personal loss: DU VC

FYUP rollback not my personal loss: DU VCNew Delhi: Outgoing DU VC Dinesh Singh on Friday defended the Four-Year Undergraduate Programme, saying its rollback was not his “personal loss” even as he maintained that, contrary to the popular notion, all the approvals were obtained and views taken before its introduction.

“There is this impression that one fine day we woke up and decided that this needs to be done. No institution is run like this, you follow certain procedures and norms and it takes enormous efforts.

“I am often blamed that there was no consultation and procedures were bypassed in the context of FYUP. We adopted an elaborate methodology, all VCs in the university’s history would not have together put in this much effort in consultation like we did,” the Delhi University VC told reporters here.

“4,000 professors, 4,000 students and parents, 700 teachers were called for consultations at various stages and written feedback was taken from them.

“A three-day academic Congress was organised in which 1,200 teachers and experts, including sportspersons, from across the county participated and, then, with dissent of six out of 26 members, the programme was passed in the varsity’s Academic Council (AC),” he added.

Singh has been at the loggerheads with the HRD ministry ever since the programme was rolled back last year in April after UGC’s intervention.

While the issue of why the norms were bypassed during the programme’s violation also found mention in the show-cause notice issued to Singh by the Ministry — the first such instance in the varsity’s history, the VC has maintained that the required approvals were obtained.

“It (FYUP) rollback wasn’t my loss, it was the loss of society, institution and the country. Probably God did not want it, but the required approvals were there,” he said.

Singh’s tenure comes to an end on October 28 and he reiterated his desire of not continuing a day further in office.